Inside Their Pockets Number Four: Pants Pocket Steals! - DVD

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Get in! Get out! Steal all you can! Number Four in the amazing "Inside Their Pockets" series is the upclose and personal Pants Pocket Steal!

Long coveted as one of the most difficult skills in magic, pick pocketing is now an obtainable feature for your show thanks to this DVD. Pants Pocket Steals made simple, taught concisely in under fifteen minutes by Sam "The Gambit" Rubman!
  • Steal the skeptics blind!
  • Take what's theirs and make it yours!
  • Be a thief in less than fifteen minutes!
In this brilliant volume, you'll learn how to remove a complete stranger's personal belonging such as wallets, phones, business cards and anything else they might have in their pants pockets! It's easy if you know how, and Sam will teach you all the ins and outs of the Pants Pocket Steal, leaving nothing to the imagination!

Running Time Approximately: 11mins
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Type of Trick Card Magic and Trick Decks
Performers Parlor Performer
Product Type DVD
Skills Intermediate, Advanced
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